Team Building

Building effective teams has never been more challenging given today’s workplace. Lack of accountability, poor communication, difficulty making decisions, and engaging all team members to participate in problem solving and decision making are some of the obstacles many teams face. Establishing a clear charter and norms for communications can empower team members, increase the likelihood of success and help teams move through the predictable stages of development more quickly to optimize team performance.

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Team Building Training Objectives:

  • Raise the spirit of Teamwork
  • Develop employee motivation
  • Enable staff to cope with Change
  • Integrate new team members in your organization.
  • Improve communications
  • Increase productivity
  • Deal with attitude issues
  • Learn about work life balance

Types of Team Building:

  • Outdoor Team Building
  • Indoor Team Building
  • Adventure Team Building
  • Conference Ice Breakers
  • Go Karting
  • Quad Bike Challenge
  • Corporate parties/ Fun Days
  • Rafting, Budge Jumping & Kayaking
  • Rhino Charge

Team Building by Duration:

  • Hour Conference ice Breakers
  • Hours mini Team Building
  • Full Day Outdoor Team Building
  • Full Day Indoor & Outdoor Team Building
  • Days Outdoor Team Building
  • Days indoor & Outdoor Team Building
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Packages Available

  • Team Building Trainers & Venue Booking
  • Team Building Trainers , Venue booking & Transport
  • Team Building Trainers Only

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