The ability to put your best foot forward, communicate effectively, resolve conflict and confidently handle any situation with finesse and skill are not only desirable business skills, but ones that can give you the added benefit of boosting your own self-confidence. Our life-changing workshops focus on unlocking your creativity, boosting your credibility and improving your communication skills, whether it’s public speaking before a group, a face-to-face discussion with your boss or even negotiating with a vendor.

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Training course content:

  • Methods of communication - basic and advanced.
  • Communication style and pitfalls.
  • How to achieve effective communication.
  • Effective listening techniques.
  • How to deal with different situations.
  • Dealing with difficult people.
  • Dealing with people under stress.
  • Difference between passive, assertive and aggressive approaches.
  • Interpersonal techniques.
  • Assertiveness skills.
  • Influencing skills.
  • Conflict management.

Training Course Results:

  • Builds effective communication skills.
  • Builds effective interpersonal skills.
  • More focused communication.
  • Matching required communication style to the situation.
  • Assertive rather than passive or aggressive behavior.
  • Greater ability to handle difficult situations.
  • Ability to avoid conflict.
  • Develops assertive behavior.
  • Greater use of tact and diplomacy.
  • Ability to undertake relationship repair steps.

Our Promise:

  • Very practical - training can be applied straight away.
  • Trainer has more than 10 years commercial experience.
  • Trainer is committed to high value, needs based training,
  • Certificate of completion awarded.
  • Value for your time and money

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